Matsubara-an Cuisine

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An Authentic Taste of Kamakura at Kamakura Matsubara-An AO

Following in the footsteps of our original Kamakura Matsubara-An soba restaurant near Yuigahama, Kamakura Matsubara-An AO brings our guests on the same unforgettable culinary journey around Kamakura.

The spacious contemporary restaurant on the first floor of HOTEL AO KAMAKURA, creates simple yet divine dishes served against the backdrop of the shoreline. Guests can choose from a variety of freshly made soba noodles and seasonal ingredient-focused à la carte dishes.
Our famous flavorsome nihachi soba noodles, which pair perfectly with our original dipping sauce, are handmade using traditional techniques and thinly sliced in the Edo-mae style.
Underpinned by our deep-rooted respect for the Kamakura coast and mountains, our menu is based on fresh and seasonal produce. We source the best local ingredients, including freshly caught seafood from Sashima Fishing Port and vegetables grown in the rich soil of the Miura Peninsula.
Our wide selection of hand-picked sake, craft beers, and natural wines brewed at local breweries (including Kumazawa Shuzo) match perfectly with our cuisine.
We look forward to introducing you to the finest local flavors at HOTEL AO KAMAKURA.

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Evening Course Menu

Evening Course Menu

Our Kamakura AO dinner course menu is made with freshly caught seafood from local fishers, eggs from the nearby Yasuda Chicken Farm, and seasonal vegetables from the surrounding Miura area. Our duck courses use free-range Kasumi-Gamo (Cherry Valley duck) from Nishizaki Farm in Ibaraki prefecture.


Kamakura AO Dinner Course

Five kinds of appetizers
- Duck Tataki
Rare duck breast sliced sashimi style. Dip in soy sauce and/or wasabi like you would with Sashimi.
- Fresh Fish Tempura
- Japanese Style Potato Salad
- Housemade fried tofu
- Leafy greens and bean salad

Traditional savory steamed egg custard

Sashimi (2 varieties of sliced raw fish)

Seared Duck
Thick cuts of roasted high-grade duck. Enjoy with salt and pepper.
Sukiyaki Beef
Thinly sliced beef and vegetables, which you cook in a light broth at your table. You can eat the cooked meat and vegetables straight from the broth, or (the traditional way) dip them in whisked raw egg before eating.

Shrimp and Squid Tempura
Shrimp and squid fried in a crispy tempura batter.

Seiro or Kake Soba
Our famous homemade soba noodles.
Seiro Soba - plain soba noodles served with a delicious dipping broth.
Kake Soba - hot soba noodles served in a soup or clear broth

Warabi Mochi
Traditional Japanese mochi sweets with a gelatinous texture. Served dusted in roasted soybean flour, served with brown sugar syrup on the side.

Menu changes depending on season.



Start Your Day with Breakfast at Kamakura Matsubara-An AO

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at Kamakura Matsubara-An AO. Try our traditional Japanese breakfast with fresh produce from the surrounding area, or opt for a continental-style breakfast with locally made specialty bread and pastries.

The Japanese breakfast at Kamakura Matsubara-An AO is now also available to guests who are not staying at the hotel. Sit back and enjoy a blissful morning in the comfort of our airy sun-drenched restaurant while gazing out at the sparkling blue ocean.


Side dishes commonly include:
Soba Shop Dashimaki Tamago
Japanese-style rolled omelet made with fresh eggs from the nearby Yasuda Chicken Farm in Miura.

Shonan Shirasu
Whitebait (tiny immature white fish) caught in the Shonan area is one of Kamakura's specialty dishes.

Odawara plum
A dish made with famous sour plums from Odawara.

A type of cured surimi / steamed fish cake made from fish paste.

Homemade Nori Tsukudani
A simmered seaweed flavored with soy sauce and mirin - often used as an accompaniment to plain rice.

Miura Vegetables
A variety of vegetable dishes made with seasonal produce from Miura

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