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produced by Matsubara-an

Boutique hotel by Kamakura Matsubara-An

Kamakura Matsubara-An opened in March 2007 in a 1940s traditional Japanese residence. Since then, the restaurant, serving soba noodles, seasonal treats, and specially selected sake, has become one of the most well-loved spots for locals and tourists alike.
Given the restaurant's popularity, the team behind Kamakura Matsubara-An set about creating a hotel with good food and relaxation at its heart - a retreat where guests can savor life's simple pleasures and relax while gazing at the transitions of the sea and sky.

Kamakura Matsubara-An

Restaurant Kamakura Matsubara-An in Yuigahama.
Since its establishment, the boutique restaurant has been loved by locals and visitors to Kamakura for its signature soba noodles, seasonal delicacies, and specially selected sake served in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Kamakura Matsubara-An soba a la carte

A taste of Kamkura Matsubara-An at HOTEL AO KAMAKURA

HOTEL AO KAMAKURA's spacious contemporary first-floor restaurant, Kamakura Matsubara-An AO, creates simple yet sublime dishes served against the backdrop of the shoreline.

Guests can choose from a variety of freshly made soba noodles and seasonal a la carte dishes. Our famous flavorsome nihachi soba noodles, which pair perfectly with our original dipping sauce, are handmade using traditional techniques and thinly sliced with an Edo-mae finish.

Underpinned by a deep-rooted respect for our surrounding waters and land, our menu is based on fresh and seasonal produce. We source the best local ingredients, including freshly caught seafood from Sashima Fishing Port and vegetables grown in the rich soil of the Miura Peninsula.

Our sommelier hand-picked a wide selection of sake, craft beers, and natural wines brewed at local breweries (including Kumazawa Shuzo), ensuring a perfect marriage of flavors.

We look forward to introducing you to the finest local flavors at HOTEL AO KAMAKURA.

Relax among the calming hues of the sea and sky - 16 rooms individually designed for comfort and serenity

Surrounded by the outstanding natural beauty of Kamakura, HOTEL AO KAMAKURA was designed by architect Manabu Chiba. Everything, starting with the exterior, was created to fill our guests with a sense of tranquility.
Our shoreside location is the inspiration behind our interior design, drawing on elements of the coastal surroundings and bringing the outside in. Situated around a courtyard with the sea breeze drifting through, our four types of guestrooms provide the ultimate in waterside comfort and luxury, each with its own unique style and understated elegance. Each room is named after a traditional Japanese blue color, with each hue chosen to create an unparalleled experience of serenity.

designed by architect Manabu Chiba
lobby rooms
Give yourself space to wander


ExploreBlesssed Time In Kamakura

Give yourself space to wander

Time seems to slow as you arrive in the lush city of Kamakura and feel the gentle sea breeze on your skin. Discover why the area has long been loved by great writers, visit historical sites, or take a stroll along the coast and listen to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. Unwind and soak up the charm of Kamakura while taking time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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